Joint Venture Mentoring

Do you promote/sell a great product or service and want to learn how to expose it to more customers?

Do you seek ways to increase your sales but aren’t quite sure how to go about it?

Are you finding it harder and harder to attract new customers during these trying economic times?

Then Joint Ventures may be the solution you are looking for.

Joint Venture Success is the KeyJoint Ventures have been and always will be one of the most powerful marketing tactics ever, and for good reason:

They are easy to set up and they can cost you nothing!

Anybody can start using Joint Ventures to sky-rocket their profits. It doesn’t matter what you sell or where you sell it!

Get Personally Mentored by a  Certified Business Mentor who will show you how to Become An Absolute Master At Brokering Lucrative Win-Win Joint Venture Deals… So You Can Create Multiple Streams Of Exponentially Growing Passive Income At Will… Any Time, Any Place, Whether You Have Business Experience Or Not!

You Can Create Wealth And Live Your Life With…

  • NO limits on your income
  • Near ZERO overhead, Near 100% margins
  • Organically growing income
  • No products, no inventory, no administrative hassles
  • Complete time freedom
  • Skyrocket the income of your own business, or get paid to help others


All using the power of Joint Ventures

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Joint Venture ProfitsHow do you envision your life if you had complete Financial Freedom?

If you could instantly remove all the barriers to living the life of your dreams, how quickly would you do it?

If you had the ability to create limitless streams of passive income at will, using nothing but a telephone… how would that change your life?

If you had all the resources you need to bring your entrepreneurial dreams to fruition — accessible at your fingertips — what would that do for your ability to contribute to the world?

See, traditional business thinking has left us so conditioned and hoodwinked into doing things the hard way. The belief that it takes a lot of time, money, and back-breaking work to make money is so ingrained… most people just hang on to a J.O.B. for dear life without questioning!

And I’m determined to change that!

You’re About To Discover The Single Most Powerful Vehicle To Create Financial Freedom…

No Matter What Your Business Background!

If you’re reading this letter, chances are you’re in one of three places:


  1. You’re doing well and making money and know you can do better, but how do you get to that next level? Perhaps you’re maxed out and actually can’t absorb any more customers without large capital investment and increased overhead. No problem!
  2. You’re not doing well in fact, things are slowly going wrong and you’re getting worried. You can’t afford expensive advertising and you need help before things get worse. Don’t worry we can help.
  3. You’re flat lining and you need a serious jumpstart but you have no money. Maybe you have an idea for a business you’d like to create, but don’t know where to start. Keep reading, because you’re in the perfect position to take off and soar!


You’re not looking to buy tapes and CDs. You’re not looking to buy courses. You can’t stand the thought of spending one more minute in a tight seminar chair listening to some wanna-be business guru’s smooth sales pitch!

Joint VenturesYou’re only looking for one thing… REAL WORLD RESULTS IN YOUR LIFE.

You’re looking for the SILVER BULLET that will enable you to exponentially grow your sales and income without having to take on much more work. You want a higher quality of life. You want to spend more time doing what you love in life, and less time worrying about how to pay for it.

Well, that’s exactly what I deliver.

I Am Interested In Only One Thing — Getting YOU The Results You Want.

Nothing Else.

So if creating wealth with joint ventures is this easy, then why isn’t everyone doing it?

The sad truth is that most people live out their lives like the old Irish lady that wanted to go to America. She was very poor and so she saved up all her money for a long time and bought a lot of food and a ticket on a ship to cross the ocean to start her new life.

When she got into her cabin on the ship with her food, she was very excited. She locked the door, stayed in her cabin and ate when she was hungry. As time went by, she started to run out of food. Eventually, she had no food left and she was starving!

She became so desperate that she finally unlocked the door of her cabin, crept out and saw long tables, stacked high with the most delicious, sumptuous dishes of food she had ever seen. Trembling from weakness and fear, she timidly asked one of the servers if she might just have a few leftovers, as her food had run out and she was starving.

The kindly server replied, “Madam, when you bought your ticket for this cruise, it included all the food you could eat! You could walk around anywhere you like on the ship, enjoy all the amenities and luxuries, and eat whatever you like. You don’t have to stay locked up in your cabin, starving. Come and eat!”

Many of us have limited ourselves because we didn’t understand business and money and Joint Ventures.

As one of my mentors says: The fact is that you don’t have money problems —

you have THINKING problems.

There’s more than enough money out there for you.

All the money, all the resources and skills you need, are, in fact, readily available to you. FAST. The way to expand and grow your bottom line (yes, it’s all about PROFIT, not sales, not ego, not size of business – just after tax, bottom line, real PROFIT) is available to you right now.

So if you’re tired of pounding the pavement all day, only to barely pay the bills… if you’re sick of scouring for leads at networking meetings where everyone is only out for themselves to sell sell sell… and in the back of your mind you feel there’s got to be a much more satisfying, joyful way to create wealth and achieve your dreams…

Then what I’m about to share with you could be the “diamond” that puts you on a solid path to living your ultimate dream and creating a legacy for yourself.

If you . . .


  1. Truly want to help people and make the world a better place
  2. Agree that the only ethical way to make money is by creating value
  3. Believe you get paid in direct proportion to the value you create
  4. Want to create the greatest amount of value with the most effective outlay of effort
  5. And wouldn’t mind never having to “sell” anything again…


Then you are invited to discover the simplest, fastest, most effective system devised to date—to create real, solid wealth from the ground up…no matter where you’re starting out!

As I said before, there is no such thing as a money problem, we only have thinking problems. Simply change the way you think about happiness, money, business… and everything else in your life will follow. All it takes to create tremendous wealth is a wealthy mindset.

Open your mind, think out of the box, and there’s no limit to what you can create!

Forget about pushing your business cards, forget about your canned “elevator speech,” and forget about what you want!


Start looking for ways to get other people what they want… Then get paid to deliver!

Oh, and here’s the good news… sorry… GREAT news — you let someone else do all the work, carry all the risk and cost and pay YOU for the privilege!

That’s right – Joint Ventures offer you the opportunity to earn a significant, even unlimited amount of money by brokering deals and connecting people.

See, you do that anyway, don’t you?

Problem is, you’re not getting paid for it, are you? Oh no, you’re Mr. or Mrs. Nice Guy. Mr Social Worker, right? You think people will reciprocate but they don’t. They take the business and often don’t even take the time to thank you. But you keep on giving and not getting.

Time To Change. Time To Get PAID.

Learn how to think like a Joint Venture Broker and you can have a business with…


  1. Ridiculously low startup cost
  2. NO limits on your income
  3. Near ZERO overhead, Near 100% margins
  4. Exponentially growing passive income streams
  5. No products, no inventory, no employees, no administrative hassles
  6. The freedom to work on your own time, by your own rules
  7. Absolutely no need to sell or recruit
  8. Huge profit potential in any industry you can think of
  9. Incredibly easy to get started, work from anywhere in the world


All you need is a telephone… even a computer is optional!

Best of all you’re providing a service 98% of business owners desperately need. You’re the hero that is going to solve their most pressing problem!


Well, remember at the very beginning that little promise about joining the elite top 2%? According to marketing guru Jay Abraham, less than two percent of entrepreneurs know how to fully leverage joint ventures. That means that the other 98% of business owners out there are suffering big time!

They’re drowning in overhead, their marketing is ineffective, they’re leaking money left and right… and you’re the knight in shining armor!

See, you were lucky enough to stumble across this letter and smart enough to read every word… but not them. Now you get to turn all your new found knowledge into a king’s fortune!

Here Are Just A Few Of The JV Strategies that I draw on to help grow your business:

You can apply them to your own business; or you can help other businesses for a share of the profits!


  1. Increase your bottom-line 50-5000% using a single overlooked strategy
  2. Have other people doing your marketing for you, at no risk to you
  3. Get top notch ad space at no risk and only pay when you make money
  4. Turn your unused resources into serious cash centers
  5. Get just about anything you want donated for half-price or even free
  6. Make money from your dormant customers without having to sell them anything else
  7. Radically increase your profits from your existing customers without having to do more work
  8. Leverage other people’s time and money and have them love you for it
  9. Recruit an army of businesses to send you fresh leads all the time, and you don’t pay until they buy
  10. Double and triple your closing ratios to achieve more sales with less effort
  11. Make a fortune giving away free gifts


As a Joint Venture Business Mentor and Coach, I have the unprecedented skill to show you how to exponentially increase your cash flow and add to the bottom line to just about any business in any industry you can think of!

So would you like to learn exactly how it works?

If you are one of the few and proud selected clients, here’s just some of what you’ll learn:


  • How to leverage and benefit from other peoples’ skills, resources, money, time, relationships, contacts, distribution systems, products, services, reputations
  • How to borrow credibility and use maximum leverage to build solid wealth in your spare time
  • What is a Joint Venture, how does it work, how to make money from it
  • How to select the right JV partners, and the severe consequences of not doing this right
  • How to select matching businesses and see synergies and lucrative opportunities almost everywhere you look
  • How to approach potential JV Partners, and how to explain the concept to others in seven minutes
  • Learn what language and words to use in order to impress the person you’re talking with and get their undying respect in the first four minutes
  • How to make them an offer so powerfully compelling that they just cannot refuse it – every single time
  • How to remove all the risk and cost from every single JV deal


You’ll learn how to, with very little effort, leverage other people’s…


  • Money
  • Reputation
  • Real estate
  • Advertising
  • Distribution channels
  • Sales force
  • Employees
  • Technology
  • Connections
  • Memberships
  • Credibility
  • Underutilized resources
  • Time
  • Relationships
  • Database
  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Credit


…to achieve your goals and build limitless streams of Joint Venture income, simply by connecting business owners with the resources they want and need!

Joint Venture TrainingI have access to over 46 joint venture strategies that can be applied to 6 key areas of any business – 3 of these areas are PURE PROFIT – 100% NET

Strategies so powerful they can change everything—giving you exponential business growth and profit windfalls so great, your income will multiply many times beyond whatever amount you may have hoped to earn in the past.

This means doubling, redoubling… then doubling again the kind of money your business or new idea (or other people’s businesses) make for you. This also means creating more value for people, gaining more respect for your unbelievable success, and making the world a better place through the spirit of cooperation.

Accelerate Your Success … Slash The Timeline … Eliminate the Learning Curve … Explode Your Profits … and Create Business Wealth.

By now you’re probably wondering, “What’s the bottom line? How much is this going to cost me?”

Problem is, only worrying about what something costs is the exact kind of thinking that keeps the poor poor, and the middle class exactly where they are. Your real question has to do with return on investment.

A recent client said that if she implements all of the suggestions she got in a mere two hour consultation, she’s going to make more than $40,000 in the next two months.

Just Imagine What You Could Create For Your Life With That Kind Of Knowledge And Training!

The more Joint Venture savvy and well connected you become, the more lucrative deals you can put together. When you’ve mastered the art of Joint Ventures, and you have a solid network behind you – there’s no limit to the income and lifestyle you can create!

As soon as we’re on the same page and get to know each other, I can do what I do best and help you build your business pro-actively… not to mention hook you up with even more streams of income!

Massive Action Is The Mark Of True Winners In Life…

Where Do You Stand?

I’ve outlined the colossal problem that exists in business today, and how you can be a tremendous part of the solution as a joint venture broker. Not only will you gain the power to create the destiny of your own business and financial life – your services can be a godsend to any business in any economy. You will possess the business intelligence to create wealth and abundance in absolutely any situation.

I look forward to working with you, building a long term relationship, and supporting you 100% in building a future of limitless possibility.

Joint VenturesI promise you that the strategies I teach work. You only need apply them. The main question is: Are you willing to be responsible for your own success? If you can answer yes to that, then I want you to commit to your success right now and request the Mentoring Application Questionnaire

To your success!

Chris Hiller
JV Expert
Certified Business Mentor